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Friday, June 24, 2005

15-Month Doctor's Appointment...

Screaming. A lot. As usual.

30 inches and 22 pounds. Two shots: Chickenpox and another HiB. Only ONE shot next time. Wahoo!

Over all the screaming, I couldn't really hear the other stats, so I used this calculator to figure out that he is in the 14th percentile for both weight and height. Yeah, little. GAH.

The doctor said Ben's eating issues are normal and to keep giving him baby food as long as we need to in order supplement whatever he eats in the way of table food. Also said he's on track with his verbal skills, especially since he obviously understands what we say to him... and that we should start hearing an explosion of words by 18 months, so not to worry. Yay.

We saw another 15-month-old in the waiting room and he TOWERED over Ben. I thought the kid was two, I really did. And THAT mother thought Ben was only a year. While we were each shaking our heads over the size difference, Ben and Thomas (the other baby), were conspiring to tear all the Pooh and Tigger window clings off the office windows. FUN!

Ben *hates* the doctor! My ears are still ringing from the screaming.

Napping now. Ah, sweet vaccine and trauma-induced slumber... this might be a long one. ;)

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